UX Weekly Newsletter #1

Originally Posted: November 23, 2012


Welcome to the first issue of UX Weekly! This site was created for UX/UI Designers, Interaction Designers, Usability Analysts, Front End Developers, Freelance Web Designers, etc. My name is James Weaver. I am currently a Web Application UI Designer at JP Morgan Chase. I would like to be the first to say that UX Weekly was based on a couple other sites I follow: javascript weekly and html5 weekly. I promise not to sell, rent or otherwise share your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you think you’d enjoy receiving this weekly newsletter please sign up and share this site with your friends.
Thanks – James Weaver


So you want to be a UX Designer, by Whittney Hess I’ve recently been following Whitney Hess and wanted to pass on this article to those of you who are completely new to UX/UI Design. The article is all about how to break into UX Design.
Fixing A Broken User Experience, Smashing Magazine If you work at a large organization and are in the process of fixing the user experience then this is an article for you.
Psychologists View of UX Design, UX Magazine This article comes from the point of view of a Psychologist. It raises some great points and will hopefully help you keep an open mind and take other points of view into consideration when working with your team.
UX: The New Brand Leaders, Johnny Holland I recently attended the M3 Conference in Columbus, Ohio. The first half day design session was instructed by Andrew Heaton. While perusing the interweb for great UX articles I came across this one by said designer. He always provides a unique perspective. Thanks, Andrew and keep it up!
User Research: Look and Listen, Johnny Holland Another great article about what to do during usability testing or research. Not too long or in depth, just a quick heads up on some major points! Great quick read.
Breaking Design Principles on Purpose, Design ShackThis is a great article. I hate it when I hear pixel pushers refer to design principles and act like they should never be broken. Here are some good reasons why it’s ok to break design principles.
Five Factors for Successful Personas, User Interface Engineering Great article that helps us better understand how to create and use personas (something that I’d bet not all of us use!)


Jared Spool, What makes a design seem intuitive? Great (but rather long) video about what it takes to make your designs intiutive.
Awareness Test 1 If you’ve never taken an awareness test you’re in for a surprise.
Awareness Test 2 Watch this video after you watch the video above. I first saw these during Usability Training and it cracked the entire class up!


Really Nice Design Stencils, UI Stencils UI Stencils, skecth pads, and T-Shirts!
Field Notes These little note pads are great for quick sketches, taking notes at work, class or conference. They have graph, ruled, and plain styles.
Wireframing Software, Balsamiq Mockups If you are looking to include a lo-fidelity solution added to your process, balsamiq mockups is a great tool! My team uses it daily and it makes wireframing easy and half fun.


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